We are And Now What? We’ve got answers. Also, we’re enthusiastic and very eager to get busy. So sometimes it may seem that we don’t have a plan or just jump right in. That’s the furthest thing from the truth. Our approach and working method are considered, purposeful and very targeted. Exactly what your team needs!

How do we know? From experience. While exploring and analyzing smoothly running teams we gained many insights. Knowledge of systems, structures and dynamics, that too. It shows in our working method, you’ll feel it when we work together. So, let’s go!

Balance Model
Based on our insights and experience we developed our Balance Model; a quick scan to find out and see where your team stands – a snapshot. You could also call it a mixing
console, because that's how it works. It's about finding the setup that works for your team; we move the slides into ‘perfect flow position’.

Our Balance Model is inspired by well-known and frequently used methods such as Relation System Intelligence (RSI), Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Agile, Transactional Analysis, Systemic Work and Theme Centered-Interaction (TCI). Yep, we took the best of everything to create a model that works!

Do we agree on the position of the Balance Model’s sliders? Great, because that’s our starting point for action and change. We select our change masters and balance bringers that fit your situation and match your team; a tailor-made-team. Our team, your team, working together. Until you feel and say: yes, we are beyond the and now what. We have taken the next step.

Hard Physical environment Short-term capability Achievable teamgoals The why Soft Third identity Diversity Mastering Reflection Deep democracy Individual space Clear organisation

Getting beyond 'and now what?' in 6 steps.

Change is all about working together. We do this in 6 concrete steps. Steps that are based on shared responsibility and clear roles. Because we know: that works!
Step 1
Do you have a question or need? Then an explorative conversation is our first step. Which is optional and non-binding, of course.

Step 2
A smooth process and collaboration require chemistry, that mutual spark. Is it there, do both sides feel it? Let's go!

Step 3
Time to divide the roles: the customer - you and your team – is responsible for setting the goals and providing the content. We are responsible for the process and guidance. This is our precondition for accepting any assignment. Lucid and clear, for everyone.

Step 4
We make a clear project description, describing the process agreements and the investment in time and money. After approval, we start with the content for guidance.

Step 5
Evaluation moments are part of our guidance, on a regular basis. We take time to discuss progress and (mutual) expectations.

Step 6
Is your team running smoothly? Do we notice change and feel team allignment? Great!
Then it’s time to complete our guidance. We’ll also plan a moment to evaluate.

Ready to start?


Of course! Let’s go!